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Stonehenge in West Texas?

Author: Summer Fleming

Exploring the infamous Stonehenge in Wiltshire, New England would be a remarkable experience, but going across the ocean isn’t easy for everyone. Explore the ancient history of England through an incredible replica of England’s Stonehenge right here in America! Capture England’s history through a stunning replica of England’s monument is found at the University of Texas Permian Basin in Odessa, Texas.

The Permian Basin Stonehenge was designed and constructed by Connie and Brenda Edwards in 2004. These zealous stoneworkers used massive blocks of limestone, placing them like the real monument to replicate ancient history in the closest way. The monument is astronomically exact and gives students and visitors insight on how our ancestors used monuments like this for calendars, harvest, and more. This convenient and educational experience is free to visit and easy to find. Exit SE Loop 338 off I-20 to take in this unique site! Odessa’s Permian Basin Stonehenge is a grand sight to see with its towering boulders and historical design.

Written by I Love West Texas

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